Anatomy of Choice by Fred Grooms

How to help your students make positive life choices and rebound when they don't.

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The Power to Choose

Life is about being who you were made to be. Life is full of choices, and decisions, from the mundane to the magnificent. Therefore, we all need help as we search for our unique place in this world. The power to choose your path in life belongs to you. We need to learn how to make the best choices that will help us achieve our goals, and how to rebound when poor choices derail us.

B.A.S.I.C. Student Leadership

Everyone will find themselves in a leadership position at some point. It's inevitable. This program is based on the leadership traits that are taught in basic military training. As a former Army Major and master trainer, Fred knows what it's like to perform under pressure. His mission is to teach these B.A.S.I.C. leadership skills to students in order to help them survive the pressures of life.

Uniquely Talented

I have yet to meet a student who wants to be just like everyone else. It's because we are all naturally and uniquely talented. We shouldn't want to be ordinary but extraordinary. So what’s the key difference between being Ordinary or Extraordinary? It’s that little “EXTRA.” You're the only person on earth who can use your natural talents, abilities and skills; the only one. So let’s start discovering what makes you extraordinary. Your unique talents!

Adjust Your Attitude

It’s been said, “success starts with your attitude." Attitude isn't just about putting a smile on your face. It's about perseverance, grit and yes, thinking positive about your ability to achieve success. The science of psychology has proven that what you think about yourself directly reflects upon your performance. So, if the saying is true, you need to start working on developing the skills of a successful attitude.

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